Thursday, April 15, 2010

Treadmill Training Run - Wednesday, April 14

Another sucky thing about training is having to run on the treadmill. After 6 years, it gets super boring. Last November, I changed gyms, opting to join 24 Hour Fitness - mainly because they offer classes and I was getting bored with my regular cardio. Being a single mom and having a four year old makes it next to impossible to do outdoor training. So. Here I am, training on my treadmill... which, at 24 Hour they make exponentially worse by parking all treadmills in front of mirrors. As if it's not bad enough already, you get to watch your fat jiggle for an hour. Anyway. Training yesterday was concentrating on 2 things. First, trying to speed up my 5K time a bit (for Warrior Dash training). Speed? Not my strong suit. But, the bitter determination of beating Rom has me motivated.

Then, slow down the pace a bit. Another problem with the treadmill is the max time is one hour, and then an additional 5 minutes allowed for "cool down" - so on a "long run" day, I will typically run the hour (Slow down a bit to a jog for the last 5 or after I've hit my 10K distance) and then do an additional program of walking. All in all, it certainly could have sucked more.


  1. "Bitter determination of Rom"... so the truth.

  2. Best way to make your 5k faster? 1/4 mile intervals :)


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