Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Week in Review (July 2 - July 8)

Tuesday (17,389 steps) - Strength class during lunch. Milk Market run club after work - although all I did was walk a few miles. Sandwiches were provided during dinner and I stuck around and had a beer with Lisa, Annette, Anne & Jenn. Fun night, and glad more people are starting to show up to this one.

Wednesday (21,064 steps) - Core class during lunch. Runners Roost Boulder!
A decided to do the regular trail route, but since I was unsure how I was going to feel, I opted to do a solo run on the cow path. The first few miles weren't terrible, but all my weekend miles caught up to me and the last bit was definitely not great.

Hoka hosted a BBQ, so we didn't have to cook dinner. Hooray!
Thursday (18,942 steps) - YAY for no work! Slept in late, and spent most of the day purging/cleaning.
Under the bathroom sink is so organized now...
Took a brief break to go to the grocery store, but otherwise, the whole day was spent at home. A and I took a quick walk to the lake and got caught in a bit of rain on the way home. Watched Olympus Has Fallen (because apparently we don't own Independence Day?) In bed early, although neighborhood fireworks kept me up later than I'd have liked.
Friday (27,943 steps) - Up early for some trail time. Drove up to Evergreen for a hike/run at Bergen Peak. Even though I have been on those trails at least a dozen times over the last five years, I managed to make MULTIPLE wrong turns and my planned ten mile loop ended up being over twelve. It was blissfully cloudy early, then the sun came out and it was WARM.

Stopped at El Rancho on the way home. I stupidly sat on the patio and ended up with a nasty burn.
Showered, more cleaning, trip to Yogurtland and Target and we got caught in yet another summer storm of torrential rain and hail.
Saturday (6,739 steps) - Slept in kind of. Now that we aren't running with Runners Edge, we had nowhere to go... There was supposed to be a "mile race" at Berkeley, although when we got to the store they were going to postpone. Sat around and chatted with Sully & Phil before heading to Lakewood for a BBQ and pool party at Jen's house.

Left there around four to go back to BPCO. Food, music and a rousing game of beer ball. Ben finally made it down (after apparently awful traffic in the mountains). By the time he got there, the grill was off so we had to stop and get him food at Torchy's on the way home.
Sunday (28,405 steps) - Slept in AGAIN. Man, I love a long weekend. I knew Ben wanted to get in a longer run, so we created a route on Garmin in Boulder/Eldorado. What a cool feature that I didn't know my watch could do. Create a route on Garmin app and then send it directly to your watch. It'll show you if you are off course and how many miles you have left. Of course the route I created was a bit wonky, and we ended up doing less than planned because it was a MILLION degrees. Of note, we did see our very first mountain lion on the mesa, and we saw Precious and Jake. So that was fun.

Stopped at Resolute on the way home, then picked up pho for dinner. Watched a movie and in bed later than planned.
Monday (22,541 steps) - New Terrain run club at North Table! A didn't want to go, so she stayed home with Pika. I met Ben there and we both decided to start early. He planned on the big loop, and I planned on the smaller "big" loop that I thought was around six miles. After some decently high mileage I was not super optimistic. Legs/feet actually felt ok (good sign, because the ball of my right foot was a bit achy after Sunday). It was super hot at the start, and thankfully, a few miles in the clouds came out! Struggled a bit on the big climb, but felt pretty good on the flats and downhills. Pace was relaxed. Once I was on the mesa it started to thunder and lightning, so I was happy to be on my way down. Rain started with just over a mile to go - helped cool things down.

Had some beers with everyone before heading home (way too late) for frozen pizza and chicken wings.

  • 143,023 steps
  • 37.1 miles run (actually a lot of miles for only 4 runs & a week after an "ultra")
  • Two gym classes

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