Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Week in Review (June 17 - June 23)

Tuesday - Speed work! My favorite distance, the 400. I'm not fast by any stretch of the imagination, but with 400's, they are over just fast enough that I can eek out a fairly decent pace without dying. The goal was a mile warm up, 10 x 8:55 (2:14), a mile cool down. Actual (1.15 in 12:16, 2:15, 2:12, 2:11, 2:10, 2:07, 2:06, 2:04, 2:02, 2:00, 1:57 and 1:50, cool down 1.30 in 14:02). I threw in an extra 400 since I missed my goal pace on the first one. While it says 1:50 for that one, most was done at just under 7:00 pace, the treadmill just takes FOREVER to get up to speed. Anyway, really pleased with this session.
Wednesday - L offered to watch A so I could go to run club. Newton was going to host and I've missed them the last bajillion times they have been there. Really wanted to try the new Fates! Suffered through a couple slow miles and BARELY missed yet another hail storm:

Thursday - Hoped to get a longish and mostly easy run on the treadmill. I haven't been doing anything but speed work on the treadmill lately and this was horrible. Tired, tight legs. Could not seem to get into a good groove. Hated every second of this. I finally (for the first time in over three weeks) did an upper back/arms/chest video and some stretching.
Friday - Waffle truck, pizza and beer.

Saturday - Summer Breeze half marathon. In the afternoon/evening, A and I went to our friend's house in the mountains for some water fights, horseshoes, beer and BBQ. Fun night.
Wonder where A gets her goofiness
Sunday - Got up early to run Lair o' the Bear trails. Took the kids to the trampoline center and then afternoon on the couch. Perfect way to wind down.
My best trail selfie ever!

Monday - CHAOS. Not as "arm heavy" as last week, and didn't feel as sore. Really enjoy the "all over the place" workouts. Gets my heart rate up and it is not boring.

Weekly Miles Run - 30.88 (8.75 treadmill, 2 road, 7.1 trail, 13.03 racing)
Minutes of Cross Training - 60
Minutes of Strength Training - 29 (oh)

Weekly Loss - 0.8 pounds (120.6)

  • Weekend was less out of control than usual, which probably contributed to a loss rather than a gain.
  • I still had donuts and froyo and pizza and beer. Just not AS much as usual?
Everything Else 
  • STILL have heard nothing from the person who's car I hit over three weeks ago. I still see it there almost every day. NOTHING. So weird.
  • I signed up for a random marathon in September. Figure it can be my last long run before Bear Chase?
  • Tried the only "popular" dating site I haven't used yet. Most of my Facebook friends apparently found this hilarious. I do not. Sigh. Been single over a year now, and haven't been on a date in over 9 months. What's a few more years?


  1. Great pictures from your trail run!

  2. beautiful selfie and views!! and, i didn't comment on fb bc i did NOT think it was funny either. I had the same problem on eharm years ago. I had exhausted all of atl and they told me I had to change my views to get someone. obviously it wasn't for me. guessing you've done match and POF. keep going to run clubs and stuff....you just never know!


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