Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Knee (Update - Week 3)

Coming up now on just over three weeks of misery and crippling pain with the stupid knee. To recap, I've been to a chiropractor twice, an orthopedic surgeon once and physical therapy. This morning was my third visit. So far, they have done a lot of poking and prodding, some stretching, ultra sound therapy. Today, I got to try "deep needling." Have any of you done this?? It looks like this:

Yep. Acupuncture needles IN MY KNEE. Then, after they are in, she moves them around to try to make it hurt. YES, INTENTIONALLY. Ow, ow, ow.

Also, there was more taping:

Yes, she matched black/white tape to match the black/white dress I have on. She is the best. I've been instructed to take a bit more time off from running (&%!@) and do more cross training. Last night I rowed a mile and rode 12.6 miles on the bike. Sigh. This is all so frustrating.

As for my "homework" - more stretching and exercises to strengthen the hips and gluts, as well as foam rolling and using a lacrosse (or tennis) ball to really get into the crevice of my knee where the pain really is. Groovy.

BUT. The really good news is I was FINALLY able to pinpoint the origin of the pain, so hopefully that will aid in my recovery. I really HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE this.

I have a half marathon on schedule for Saturday. Since it is local, I'm likely going to skip or drop down to a lesser distance - depending on what the knee feels like later this week and what the PT says.

Suck less, dumb knee.


  1. This really sucks. I'm glad you are getting to the root of it all and getting great care.

  2. Sorry you are having knee pain! Injuries suck! Hope you get it all figured out soon and back to running happy.

  3. it could be worse, right? that’s what i keep telling myself. glad you are getting some answers (and hopefully some relief). no thank you on those needles. i would freak.

  4. Sorry your knee is hurt. I hope you start seeing improvement soon. So frustrating. But I do love that tape:)

  5. Ouch I don't think I could handle all those needles. LOVE the tape though :) Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Yeah, accupunture is a b*tch but it works. I also work with a Chinese physician whenever I pulled or strain a muscle/ligament/tendon and he massages the heck out of it - that pain is even worse! Anyway, hoping and praying you'll be able to run this weekend...even if it's a shorter distance. Be strong B.

  7. Injuries are never fun. Hope you heal up quick!!

  8. 1. love the new header- forgot to comment on it yesterday

    2. not sure i would have enjoyed the needle in my knee

    3. at least your half is local.

    4. suck less knee--- that will be my motto as well!

  9. So sorry. I know how it is to be sidelined. Take some time now so you can get back in sooner. It's worth it.


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