Thursday, June 28, 2012

Three (plus one) Things Thursday (in order of excitement level)

1. Sorta Excited - I'm running the Leadville Marathon on Saturday. I'll use that term "running" loosely, because it is yet ANOTHER race at altitude and essentially up a damn mountain. For your viewing pleasure - the elevation profile:

Part two... I'm also running the Copper Mountain 1/2 on Sunday. Did you notice that the title ALSO has mountain in it? I'm likely going to die.

I swear, I must be a sadist. Anyway, so there's that.

2. PRETTY DANG EXCITED - I got a running coach!!! HURRAH! I keep thinking that if I just had someone to tell me what to do, how, and when, then maybe I would be a stronger runner. So I took the plunge and have recruited Duane to help me in training for my NEXT 100 MILE ATTEMPT. What better type of coach than one who has successfully completed a 100 mile race. I've just started receiving information, and I have good news and bad news...

  • Duane did NOT freak out about my race schedule. (Shock!!!)
  • Duane DID, however stress ONE race that I should eliminate from my schedule... Sorry Kim and Lisa, looks like Utah is going to be a no-go for me. (My major running problem is #runalltheraces - and if this one needs to go so I can bring my "A" game to my next 100, so be it *sniff sniff*)
  • I will have 2 cross training days and at least 1 rest day, depending on the week, I'll have 2. I think that sounds AWESOME.
3. MOFO EXCITED - I have selected my next 100 mile race. I have 10.5 months to get into TOP form and COMPLETE a 100 mile race. I am super duper excited that Duane was able to help me find the perfect race, the Born to Run 100 miler:
  • It falls ON my birthday. I am pretty sure that is a sign right there.
  • There are NO cutoffs on the course - I just have to finish in 30 hours.
  • The course is a loop course - 20 miles, with aid stations approx. every 3 miles. I LOVE THAT.
  • I may have recruited a couple pacers already. I will NOT make the same mistake I did at Moab, where I ran ALONE.
  • The course is tough... 2500' gain PER LOOP, but it is "runnable" and 100% trail. I like that better than slickrock and sand.
  • The finisher rate is higher than Moab. Two women finished last year (out of four) - I like those odds a bit better - especially if I am properly trained.
4. CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF EXCITED!!!! - ARIEL WILL BE HOME IN TEN DAYS. TEN DAYS. TEN DAYS. I miss having her around, I sort of "forget" how much we do together until she isn't here. I hope I can squeeze in a weekend of camping when she gets back.


  1. Wow, wow and WOW! And wow! :) Good luck with Duane, coaching can really make a huge difference!

  2. Wow to all! I didn't even know people existed who coached runners for 100-milers!!!

  3. Yeah for a running coach, that is awesome!!

  4. Wow that is a lot of fun stuff! I am excited for you! You are gonna kill that 100 miler.

  5. Wow that is a lot of fun stuff! I am excited for you! You are gonna kill that 100 miler.

  6. 2. I'm all for having a coach. A whole lot of the ultrarunners in my trailrunning group use them too. It makes training a more pleasant experience for me because every month's schedule feels like a surprise. It sounds like you learned a lot from Moab that will help make your next attempt easier. Good luck!

    3. Looks like a good race. Very small. They better give you a buckle for that one! ;)

  7. i’m so excited for you!! i’ve been debating the coach thing for while and just need to bite the bullet. the problem for me is finding the “right” one….

  8. cannot wait to see what your running coach has you do!
    As far as Utah- verdict is still out on if I can ever go- airfare is steep!

    Good luck on your mountain races this weekend :)

  9. Ah, Ariel - I bet you do miss her. She's just the cutest little girl Ever!!

    You and your mountains. You take those, I'll stick to the sea level races instead!


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