Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pro Compression Socks

I first heard about Pro Compression when I did SoCal Ragnar back in April - they were awesome enough to sponsor our team. The first pair of socks I got from them? YELLOW. No one else makes yellow compression socks!!

They are launching a new program where they will release special "sock of the month" colors of their marathon style. Want to try them in... ELECTRIC ORANGE?

I personally cannot WAIT to try them. I love orange! In addition to the new color, if you order before July 10, you can save 40% off the $50 sticker price AND get free shipping. Only $30?? You need these! Use the code SOM610 when purchasing the marathon electric orange socks.

Seriously though, these socks are amazing. (And the colors are pretty awesome too).

From their website:

Experience maximum benefit with the Marathon full-length, graduated compression sock. Compression technology helps improve blood flow, resulting in better, more consistent performance with less fatigue and faster, more efficient recovery. In addition to improving vascular performance, Marathon compression socks provide support to critical muscles and tendons, helping reduce inflammation and soreness.

Put it all together for the perfect sock for endurance, recovery and travel.

  • Full-length, graduated compression design for maximum blood flow
  • Non-slip design, even after hours on your feet
  • Lightweight construction for incredible feel
  • Blended materials provide maximum comfort and support
  • Moisture control keeps you dry during your biggest efforts
  • Made in USA
They come in three different sizes, which is a HUGE benefit to me since I have tiny feet. Most other brands don't really work for me because the socks are too big. So hurry and pick up a pair of these - limited supply!


  1. That is really cool...I will have to check these out.

  2. I have bought one pair of their socks and I do like them a lot! They fit well and I did a 10 miler in them without any problems at all.

  3. I wish it was a color other than orange :P

  4. Been on the lookout for orange compression socks! yay!!!! (pumpkins, orange, you know...)


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