Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October Rewind

Miles Run - 139.23. So obviously most of this was racing. I didn't do a whole lot with the RLRF program because of how much I raced. I only did one day of speedwork and I think only 2 tempo runs.
Races Run - 8 (1 marathon, 6 half marathons, 1 5K)
PR's Set - Zero. But. I finally ran TWO sub 2:10 races, which I haven't done since March! That felt GOOD. And a third race was in the 2:11 race. Cooler temps and RLRF?? Maybe.
Minutes of Plank - 104. I missed five days of planks this month. I think this was the first month I've skipped since maybe June. I was just TIRED after some of these races, and I also tend to forget if I'm traveling.

November is actually a tame month for races. I have two half marathons scheduled (in one weekend), and that's all. I had contemplated a local half marathon this weekend, but I'm skipping because I'm tired and because it might snow (and I'm a total wimp with snow). Maybe will do a turkey trot with A if the weather is decent.

Outside of running...

I wasn't entirely sure if I was wanting to bring this up or not. But it is sorta bugging me, so I will. I was recently directed to an OBNOXIOUS website (getoffmyinternets - abbreviated to GOMI) that basically attacks bloggers. On one hand I suppose I should be flattered that out of the dozen or so "runner blogs" mentioned, mine is one of them. But seriously, someone actually says: "Her 'quest' makes me want to punch her in the face." Really? You don't even know me. And you are THAT worked up over a BLOG? You are under NO obligation to read it. Further comments referring to essentially abusing A for "forcing" her to race and "forcing" her to pose for pictures and "logging" all her miles. More complaints include my "obnoxious, expensive, color coordinated racing outfits" and being "nitpicky" in my race reports. Also "who the **** is she and why is she so impressed with herself."

My initial reaction? Wow. Welcome to the Junior High of the internet. Who are THESE people that think it's perfectly ok to bash someone behind their back? And if they are so offended by me and my blog, why not post directly TO my blog instead of using a fake name on a bitchy forum? But what really got me is this: "Becka is constantly complaing (sic) on FB her unemployment, how she can't find a job, how her ex doesn't give her money, etc." Which essentially means that one of my FRIENDS is contributing to this junk website. I have no patience for immaturity of this level. So if you are one of those people, either have the balls to comment to my blog, or in an email, or to my FB. I can't stand people who can't stand behind their judgements. And seriously, unfriend yourself. With friends like that, who needs enemies??

Part two of all this... I won't go into too much detail about anything right now, but I had a biopsy on my breast today, and the doctor was "concerned" about the lump. I won't find out until Friday (or Monday) the results, so for all I know it could be nothing. But to all you people that THINK you know me and want to judge me, just STFU. I have problems, just like everyone else. You are no better than me, and I certainly don't claim to be better than anyone else.

Why do I run? Because most of the time I enjoy it. I know I'm not the fastest, but that doesn't mean that I don't try my best and try to improve myself. Who cares if I wear bright colored outfits and match with my sister. How on earth does that affect anyone else? I like bright colors. I don't like to wear boring black. There is nothing wrong with that. I have met a lot of really cool people through running. I have made friends across the United States because of running.

Why else do I run? Because in 2004 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Because in 2007 I quit smoking after being a pack a day smoker. I run because I am healthy enough to do it. I run because one day I might NOT be healthy enough to do it.

So if you want to hide behind a generic handle and talk shit about people who are getting out there and DOING something, then I really feel sorry for you. That's just pathetic. I will be living my life, as healthy as I can, and I'll be having fun while doing it.

(Anyway, please think good thoughts for me, I'm really freaking out about my biopsy results. I honestly thought it was just a precaution and now I'm panicky and scared)


  1. Word. I don't really like kids, but I really dig A, so apparently you're doing something right. And, um, no. I sure wouldn't let my kid quit stuff (even a RAAAAAACE) just because she's whiny. Obviously that commenter doesn't have kids, or know what to do with them.

    I know how hard it is (TRUST me, I know), but try not to let it worry you too much. Worry does nothing productive.

    Thinking good thoughts.

  2. It amazes me how people can waste their time bashing what they have no idea about!

    Keep running strong and keep your positive and colorful attitude.

  3. first off- great month. I know how frustrating you were getting at your times, i'm glad you're back! 2nd- the people on those forums are vulgar... but there were other comments on there sticking up for you.

    If its any consolation, a few days ago I included you on my post

    if it weren't for me finding your blog, I wouldn't have started my blog--- so that's worth something :)

  4. Go Becca. I hope whoever that is unfriends you so you don't have to deal with lurkers. They must have very little going on in their life. I love reading your blog because you are so "normal" (whatever that is, right?) but you do so much, continue to reach new heights, and're not some crazy super-human. Like you said, you face the same struggles (and more) that the rest of us do - only you don't let anything stop you. Keep it up!

  5. I love your blogs! I can't believe there is now a website to talk about blogs...good grief.

    I hope everything goes okay with the biopsy, will keep you in my prayers.

  6. You have a great attitude, unlike the genius who makes the choice to spend her time in such a negative way. What a horrible way to go through life.

    Keep on keeping on, and I'm saying a prayer for good results on the biopsy.

  7. My best friend since I was 5 has MS - I think she was diagnosed in like 2008. I swear, I am hearing about too many people with that disease.

    Anyway, thinking positive thoughts that your biopsy turns out to be nothing.

  8. Wow... Dont listen to these people. You keep doing what you are doing.

    Great month of running\races!! You are an inspiration to us all!! I wish I could have half the month you just had!!

    Keep running, keep blogging and keep that positive attitude!!!!

  9. I'm shocked that people create websites to bash about other websites. What a waste of energy and time! If you don't like something just move on. I'm soo sorry to hear it might be one of your FB friends, that sucks even more. I think you handled it very well, just don't let it get to you. They are probably just jealous.

    I'll keep my fingers cross all goes well with the biopsy!!

  10. It's always kind of funny when other people take the time to bash others on internet sites, I mean, really, what's the point? Hope everything is OK with you, thinking good thoughts!

  11. Damn, I am so sorry that someone is bashing your blog. That is just very juvenile. They need to man-up and tell you in person or just back off.

    Now onto important things: great job on your October numbers! I am curious and new to your blog. What are you plank numbers counting? Can you explain? Thanks!

    I am sending prayers your way that the biopsy is nothing to worry about!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. I do read the GOMI forums because sometimes they are funny with regards to the "big bloggers" for whom blogging is a FT job. I don't like to see the little folks (no offense intended) up there so I was surprised to see your blog mentioned. I don't regularly read most of the blogs that get picked apart so I felt compelled to stand up for you since I do enjoy your blog.

    Keep doing what you do!

    Oh, I never realized L was your sister. I did think she must be the most loyal friend ever to do so many races with you. It makes sense now - my sister is joining me for part of my ultra in Dec. :)

  13. I am thinking good thoughts for you and the biopsy. Waiting is the worst. Sorry that people bashed your blog. Just like Lisa J without finding your blog I would not have had to courage to start my own but more importantly it inspired me to get in better health myself. I have lost around thirty pounds and have run one 1/2 and have 7+ scheduled in the future. Thanks for inspiring me. For every one person who is negative there is probably ten or more who are cheering you on!

  14. wow. just wow. that is awful. i agree with every word that you said. don’t read it if you are THAT bothered by it or speak up. a-hole. and shitty “friend”. will be thinking about you with the biopsy-i had one about 8 years ago and luckily was nothing-the lump is still there and they check it every 2 years. i hope that is the same for you. keep your head up. :)

  15. Oh my, I hope you get good news on the lump. That is scary, but I'm optimistic!

    Don't worry about that site. Those of us that actually know you know you are freaking AWESOME!! A is awesome. Your clothes are awesome. Your determination, dedication .... you guessed it, awesome! You were the first blog I read that actually inspired me, so just keep being YOU! :)

  16. Ok first..I hope all will be ok with your health. I have a solid mass on my kidney and I know how it is to wait. I have scans every 6 mos and it sucks every time. I will be thinking of you.

    that website makes me SOOOOOOOOO MAD. I hate cowards. I get nasty emails from time to time about mistakes I make in English (not my first language) and the way I look. people are mean and they need a life!

    My boys run races also! I do not let them quit. I have never met you but from reading your posts you look like a fantastic mom and A looks like a happy child.
    Ignore this people, I am sure it is hard to do.
    I went to their site once and I was horrified.
    sad sad little people.

  17. Great month! 8 races is just amazing!

    The internet is full of bullys and I think it's just insane. These people just want to be mean and create drama. I know it's hard, but try not to let them bother you.

  18. First off, I am thinking ALL kinds of good thoughts and sending prayers your way regarding your biopsy. I hope it turns out to be nothing at all...

    Second. goddam haters gonna hate. I don't get it. but it seems like you can't take the junior high jealousy out of some people. I'm so sorry you have to put up with crap like that...

    (and I may suck at commenting, but your blog is one I ALWAYS read...)

  19. ugh I just typed out a comment and it got deleted, so I shall try again. Just remember you are above and beyond those people. You are so right, they don't know you, you're goals, your situation, you LIFE. I haven't been to the site cuz I don't want to give it traffic or attention but from what I hear, so big time bloggers are mentioned on their so consider yourself hitting the big time! Haha I think you are setting a wonderful example for your beautiful little girl and showing her a bring a real, strong, fit, wonderful woman is! Keep it up and keep up the "quest". You are inspiring very many people! Oh and about the outfit...they are probably just jealous of how great you look ; )


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