Friday, November 4, 2011


Lucy is turning 12! They are having an AMAZING sale - 25% off!

Click here to find a location near you. OR... you can also buy online, and get FREE SHIPPING!! I've got my eye on tons of their products. Especially the cute little purple skirt :)

I got my test results back today, and YAY, it is benign. However, I will still have to have surgery to have the mass removed, but it is still a HUGE relief. Thanks everyone!

First long run of the newest RLRF training cycle. 18 miles at MP+30... which for the new paces I'm running was a 10:54 pace. The first hour was cake. No problem. Second hour, a bit more tough. The last? Awful. I barely forced myself through it. But... 18.19 miles in 3:15? I'll take it :)

I am over 1200 miles already for the year. Which means I've surpassed last year's mileage, and it's only October... I don't think 1500 miles is in reach though.

And... in celebration of my 200th blog follower, I'll be announcing a little giveaway tomorrow.


  1. So glad to here the lump is nothing!

  2. Yay for great test results!

    What great freakin' running mileage!


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