Monday, November 16, 2020

Week in Review (November 3 - November 9)

Tuesday (11,603 steps) - Work from home. Ben and I went to look at two houses at lunch and weren't impressed with either of them. House hunting is not fun! Nothing exciting other than refreshing all the news sites all day for election results. Ariel, Pika and I met up with Tyler, Kristin and Jeramiah for a run at the lake - which Tyler cleverly called the "Ballot Buster 5k." A really beautiful night! 

We stayed up a bit watching the election coverage and decided nothing exciting was going to happen so we were all in bed by maybe 10.
Wednesday (11,482 steps) - Work from home. Still no official election results! Pika walk at lunch.
Thursday (12,512 steps) - Work from home. With Ben working, I went alone to look at houses during lunch. Out of the three I looked at, there were two that weren't bad. Of course that one went under contract that evening. Ugh. Pika walk before dinner. (Have I mentioned how much I hate how early it gets dark now?)
Friday (14,220 steps) - Had to work in the office in the morning to get some stuff done for Joyce. After work Ariel and I looked at three different houses since Ben was working. We liked two of them and decided the mid-priced one was the one we like and after talking to Ben decided we would put in an offer...
Saturday (32,805 steps) - Up early to run with Jeramiah and Kristin at White Ranch. Well, "run" may be too strong of a word. I definitely struggled on the climbs on the way out. The way down was a lot better, although we somehow got separated at a trail junction. I didn't have any phone service and Jeramiah and I waited over 20 minutes for Kristin before realizing she had gone the alternate way down.

On the way down, I overheard people discussing that Biden was officially named President Elect. Woot!! We officially put the offer in on the house we liked and spent the rest of the evening watching TV.
Sunday (8,256 steps) - We still had a house to look at in the morning, although we wondered why we were rushing out to look at a place at 9 am. After we looked at the house, which we didn't love, we drove done to Stone House in Lakewood to meet up with our Belmar friends for a socially distanced birthday party for Greg. (I can't believe we don't have any pictures). After that, we went to Over Yonder for beers. WHILE WE WERE THERE, WE FOUND OUT OUR OFFER HAD BEEN ACCEPTED! EEEEEEEE!!!! Pika walk and TV.
Monday (12,526 steps) - Work from home. Morning was spent with new house stuff! Got the inspection scheduled and dropped off my earnest money. Weather throughout the day got crappier. With Ben working, I got A to come on a walk in the evening with me. Brrrrrrrr.
Made a new recipe for dinner - chicken sausage with roasted veggies. It was delicious!

  • 103,404 steps
  • 13.4 miles run
  • no cross training

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