Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Week in Review (April 21 - April 27)

Tuesday (33,392 steps) - Work from home. A pretty long after work run of over 9 miles. Didn't intend to go that far, just kinda happened.

I think my favorite of all the rocks I have seen!
Itty bitty baby bunny!
Tried a new collaboration beer from 4 Noses/New Image and it was delicious! Not one I'll have with any regularity, partly because it was small batch, and also... 14%!!
Wednesday (28,468 steps) - Work from home. Ran "Tyler's loop" - another blissfully overcast day.

Thursday (14,958 steps) - Work from home. Rest day from running, but took Pika on walks.

Friday (18,522 steps) - First day of being back in the office since the last day I worked - March 13. It was definitely a little weird being there. Office is operating at just essential employees, so maybe 10-15 people (out of about 200). I was only in long enough to get all my "mandatory" work done, about a half day.
Look at all the filing that piled up...
With it being Friday, we journeyed to 4 Noses. Ben let me get a slushie, and it was my first time seeing one of the Colorado "alcohol to go" labels.
We finally got our save the dates in the mail!!! Very exciting stuff, and we spent a good portion of the evening working on our guest list and addressing them.
Yet another Pika walk.
Quarantine is going well enough that we are still doing things together as a family and not wanted to murder each other. So that's nice.
Saturday (45,541 steps) - Slept in much later than I used to on a weekend. Managed to get out around lunch time, and created a pretty big non-repetitive loop for the longest run I've done in a while.
My stomach was feeling a bit off, so was grateful for the bathroom at one of the trailheads. And it was a bizarre coincidence that when I came out, I recognized someone! I hadn't seen Ruth in ages, we talked for a few minutes and got a selfie together before I headed out for the rest of my miles.

Support small business Saturday was another visit to New Image brewing, and ALSO, we hit up the bakery in Olde Town, yuuuuum!
Sunday (22,484 steps) - Slept late. Was on the fence about running. Eventually decided to head out for a short run before our weekly gaming with Belmar folks. The run itself wasn't super spectacular, but for the first time I ran all the way up the big hill. Small victories!

Monday (24,006 steps) - Work from home. Pika walks!

  • 187,371 steps
  • 36.6 miles run

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