Thursday, November 15, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.Did you know it was A's birthday yesterday? 7 years old!

She was lucky enough to have an early release day at school, so I took a half day off from work to hang out with her. We went to lunch (I ate all the salad, but only 1/2 of everything else):
We went shopping to spend the gift cards from my ex in-laws (she got 4 books and a unicorn figurine), and then we saw "Wreck-It Ralph," which was really cute. Pizza and cake with the grandparents rounded out the evening. Gifts included new Hello Kitty vans, animal socks and more books.

2. Route 66 is this weekend. My knee felt wonky on Tuesday, so I lacrosse-balled my knee last night and today it is FREAKIN' SORE AND ACHY. I hope everything is ok. Guess I will find out during my run on the treadmill tonight.

Related: I cannot officially drop distance since the half is sold out, but the split is at mile 13, and if I'm hurting, I guess I'll run the half again.

Also related: I think I will wear the Newtons. It can't be any worse/better than MCM, although I think I wore my old ones at MCM and have a newer pair that I probably wore for Denver that might be better? I'm probably over thinking this.

Also related: I still have NO CLUE what to wear. Relieved the weather looks EXPONENTIALLY better than last year (low is mid 40's and high is low 60's). I guess I could wear my Maniac shirt, but that doesn't seem fun.

3. HECK YEAH!!! Thanks everyone!!!


  1. Congrats on reaching your goal! That is awesome. Hope your knee feels better for your race.

  2. Yay, glad you met your goal and Happy Birthday to A!

  3. Happy Birthday A! And congrats on the fundraising!

  4. Congratulations on making your goal!! Happy Birthday to A!

  5. congrats on hitting your goal! hope the knee is okay. when you posted that pic on FB the first thing i thought was how grown up A looked. GOODNESS! sounds like a fun bday! marathon maniac shirt might be fun-since there will be a ton of them at that race!

  6. Happy Birthday A!!!


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