Monday, April 11, 2011

Things are happening!

The Plague
Well thankfully the stomach part of the virus (or whatever it was) is FINALLY gone. However... the cold is getting ready to start another week. This is ridiculous. Last year I was only sick a handful of times and it never lasted more than a few days. I've been sick with SOMETHING for a month now. It's really taking a toll on me. I just want to feel HEALTHY. Good news about the cold is it seems to be "better" than it was. I'm still not sleeping great because of the congestion. Optimistic I'll be better in a few days.

The Foot/Ankle
Always a fan of "trying something new," I'm... trying something new. Typically I just do the icing and resting, but that doesn't seem to be working. I didn't do ANYTHING last week and it still gave me a bit of trouble during Sunday's half. New plan:

  • Icing - Duh. Not going to stop this
  • Strassburg Sock - Since I've also been experiencing calf tightness the last few weeks, this is a given to do. The plan is at least an hour a night.
  • KT Tape. I got a sample of it at some race and I started using it. Probably just in my head, but some of the tenderness went away almost immediately. And I'm LOVING all the rad colors this stuff comes in! I don't quite buy into their "you can wear for 5 days, even in the pool" though. I wore it during my post workout shower and it's already coming off. Stuff isn't cheap so hopefully it does what it promises.

The Gym
In what promises to be yet ANOTHER thing that annoys me about our gym, "management" has decided to move my BodyPump class to an earlier time. One that we can't make. So now we have either the option of going to "Turbo Kick Box," or figure out some other workout to do. The classes were initially what was enticing about the gym, but they keep cutting classes and messing with the schedule. I'm tempting to start shopping other gyms. Where do YOU like to exercise? (Daycare is a must)

The Race Schedule
Check out my sidebar. It is about 95% updated with what I plan on racing over the next 6-7 months. Everything listed is something I am currently signed up to do. Will I be running into any of you at these races? I've got a TON of stuff coming up, so hopefully I get my health figured out. Being tired and sick all the time sucks!


  1. I'll see you at Disneyland!! :D

    Hope you feel better soon!

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  3. I will also see you at Disneyland! Yay!

    Glad things seem to be starting to look up for you. Hopefully you figure something out - gym wise. That would be annoying to just have things switched around - time wise.

  4. My gym does crap like that all the time too. It's pretty annoying, but it does keep me alternating my workouts.

    Looks like a great schedule ahead! I really wish I was doing the Wickedly Fast half this weekend - it sounds like a great race! Can't wait to read your report.

  5. Hey, do you think your sickness might be tied to travel? Maybe all those germs floating around in the airplanes?

  6. Hey there, I used KT tape on my shin splints last year, and it worked great! I didn't use it until the pain was completely gone, but just enough to get me over the hump. Because you're right - the stuff does not stay on for 5 days and it is pricey! Hope you feel better soon. Your blog and running experiences totally inspire me! Mary (I can't figure out how to get a profile on this thing!)

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