Monday, November 30, 2020

Week in Review (November 17 - November 23)

Tuesday (12,231 steps) - Work from home. Pika walks. The end.
Wednesday (18,159 steps) - Work from home. Denver Roost run club!
Fun night running with Dave, Maureen & Colfax, Paula, John & Maya. Colfax got to try a jogging stroller for part of the run!
Thursday (20,253 steps) - Work from home. Weather was nice, so I was motivated to run during lunch with Pika. Apparently she really only enjoys running if there are other dogs she can compete with. This was a struggle pretty much the entire time.
After work we went to look at a couch. We had every intention of not spending a ton of money, but the one we liked online was small and uncomfortable in person. After pricing it out, we opted to order a different one, although we decided to sleep on it before putting money down.
Friday (14,797 steps) - Work from home. Today the weather was still nice, so I figured Batman could join on the lunch walk. It was all fun and games until Batman pooped in his backpack! The last 10 minutes were not pleasant, and I had to rush him into a bath as soon as I got home. Ugh. 

Saturday (23,010 steps) - No recollection of the morning, other than we went ahead and ordered the couch. Oof. But isn't it pretty? 
In the afternoon I stole Koda and ran him to Kristin's house to partake in her K50K for her birthday! I was joining for the last two segments. Can't believe how well she was running after she'd already hit a marathon distance! Last few miles Pika joined. It was NOT warm. Socialized for a bit around the firepit with everyone. Fun night!
Sunday (22,665 steps) - Up "early" to run with Belmar friends for a socially distanced turkey trot. I ran with Mo and Pika. Colfax wasn't up for running since he was still recovering from surgery. It felt like an unnecessarily difficult run for the distance, flatness & elevation gain. Womp, womp. 

After we finished 5.5ish miles, we took the dogs for an additional walk. Social distanced for a bit with everyone after.
Monday (16,431 steps) - Work from home. A had her annual doctor's appointment, so I only had time to take Pika for a short walk. Quick three mile run after work since it was still relatively warm and it was light enough I didn't need a headlamp. I hate winter.
  • 127,546 steps
  • 22.7 miles run
  • No cross training :(

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