Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Normal (Week 3)

Tuesday - Ran 4.5 miles on the treadmill. I don't really remember much about this run, but just the fact that it was so short probably means it was a little rough. I also did three of the videos - arms, core and butt/thighs. SHOCKINGLY, they are still hard. Probably because I haven't been doing them with any real regularity.
Wednesday - Ran a total of 9.11 miles for the day (for 9/11). This was TRICKY to get in. I left work a little early for a few reasons. One, because the server went down AGAIN, and there isn't a whole lot I can do without getting on our network. Two, because I still needed to drive down and pick up my car. So I was hoping to squeeze in some early miles AFTER getting my car and before run club, sneaking in a few miles with run club and then going to pick up A. Well, it had been raining like crazy, and I did run a few miles in the neighborhood where run club is, but I got POURED on. Then I ran another few miles with Heather and Dan and finished up for the night on the basement inferno treadmill at home. LONGEST 9.11 MILES EVER.

Picked up this cute hat at run club!
Thursday - NOTHING
Saturday - Area 13.1 half marathon
Sunday - Oh hey, more nothing. However, A and I decided that we were going to do a complete makeover on J's man cave. Here is a spoiler, pictures of the finished product to come later.

Monday - 7.5ish miles on the treadmill. Started out a little rough, tight and tired legs, but after I warmed up it was a pretty decent run and I wished I had more time to get in a few more miles. Did two of the videos - arms and core.

Loss - 1.4 pounds
  • Down from last week, but still up a bit from the final #NotEatingAllTheThings challenge. I am in a minor detox right now, not because I think I need to lose anything, but because I got in the habit of making poor food choices way too often. Le sigh.
  • Appetite is DEFINITELY back. Food splurges this week - pizza buffet, pumpkin pancakes. Yum.
  • Beer - Not super out of control this week.
  • Out of the blue, I get some communication from J - where he claims he thinks he wants to work things out and that he really misses us, blah blah blah. I stupidly respond and SHOCKINGLY, he backed down from this. I don't even know what the point of all that is. Anyway... 
Online Dating Updates

  •  So remember last week I said I was going on a lunch date? Well... Let's call this guy "Evan"
    • ZERO attraction to the guy. Conversation was nice, but he seemed unable to make eye contact, which made it a little awkward. However, he was nice.
    • He sends me a message later saying he had a nice time and hoped we could talk later.
    • Then proceeded to send another half dozen messages. I didn't respond to these right away because I was dealing with the rain, my car, working out, etc. His last message was "or not" (in regards to hoping we would be talking more).
    • Finally, around bedtime I get a chance to deal with these messages and I say something along the lines of, I had a long and busy day, I've only known you a few days, this many messages is a bit much.
    • He keeps sending messages over the course of the next few days, and says, (as is) "Honestly, it's bugging me that your done with me over me saying "or not." I'm sure in your version I'm somehow a crazy person but I can't see how. If it's not too much to ask I'd love a brief explanation of why you think this doesn't work, please." So, I felt bad for not answering earlier messages and responded with "after meeting there was no attraction for me. Also there were the excessive texts."
    • He responds with the LONGEST TEXT MESSAGE OF ALL TIME - I'll summarize - He calls me rude, shallow, dishonest and judgmental. He goes on to say that I have masculine (??) legs and that I sound extremely selfish and it's no wonder I am single.
    • Oh. So I respond with, "ok, best of luck!" - to find out "The wireless subscriber you are trying to reach is not accepting incoming messages at this time" - which means he blocked my number. lol.
    • I think my response was concise and honest, and he was super personal in his response to what he asked for.
  • Guy number two - Let's call him "Possible steroid user"
    • Initially I responded to him because he said he "works out" and he was sort of cute and "built" in his pictures. Our text exchange was also a bit... awkward. A few back and forth "hey, how are you" and then I get this: "?" - that was for real the message. So I respond with "? I don't know what that means" and he responds with "got a number?" and I say "I don't feel this level of communication warrants me giving out my number." Him "ahhhh the emailer" Me "ahhhh The End. Keep looking"
    • You'd think that would be the end of it....
    • Him - "It's not cool to sit around and email someone. Go get a prison pen pal."
    • And that was STILL not it - he sends ANOTHER message later about me stalking his pictures??? What?
    • I had to block that guy.
  • Guy number three - "Randy"
    • On Saturday, the 8th, he sends me a text asking if I want to go on a date that weekend, either Saturday or Sunday. I say sure and to let me know what he has in mind so I can get a babysitter.
    • NOTHING. For over a week.
    • Sunday morning - Hey, do you still want to go out?
    • UM NO. Do you remember asking me out over a week ago, then not even bothering to contact me to tell me not to worry about it?? WHAT.
  • Guy number four - "Chuck"
    • Asks me out - but says he has his son on the weekends and so it will have to be during the week. Again, I say, sure, but I need to get a babysitter so let me know, etc.
    • NOTHING for like 5 days. Then, he sends me some messages about being at the gym, and he has to take a shower but will talk to me in a bit. Almost two days later, finally gets back to me and asks if I still want to go out.
    • NO. What the hell??
  • Ok.............. so far here are my thoughts on Internet dating.
    • LAME LAME LAME. Guys are lazy douches. DO NOT ask someone to go out and then have ZERO contact with someone. If this is your best first impression, KEEP MOVING. I can't even imagine how ridiculous these guys get after they STOP trying to impress someone.
    • The one guy did not look like his picture at all.
    • Am I not supposed to tell someone I was not attracted to them? I feel like if I'm PAYING to meet someone, I have a right to be picky and if there is no attraction/chemistry then what is the point???
I am ready to give up on all this nonsense and let the universe decide if and when I should no longer be single....


  1. I told you you were brave to try to conquer the online dating scene. lol :) Good luck. The right guy will come along sometime when you are least expecting it.

  2. My sister and three friends now have met their prince through online dating but did have to week through a lot to get there. Hang in there. Love what you are doing to Js cave :)

    ps check out my blog later I tagged you in a post

  3. Guys are crazy. End of story. It's just that some of them have enough good qualities to balance out the crazy parts. These guys sound like complete jerks, I hope you find some better prospects.

  4. I know that online dating is something you are not crazy about but this write-up has been so interesting and fun to read. I mean I know there are crazy people out there but wow. I think if you no longer find this fun than there is no point to continuing with it. I think some people just shrug off the crazies and keep looking. Online dating is kind of like the sales rack or thrift store, you have to spend a lot of time going through stuff but then one day you find that perfect item amongst all the fugly stuff. It's like that.

  5. I absolutely think you have the right to be picky. I have a weed out system on even interacting with someone. If they have a mirror pic, nope. If they have a ton of pics of motorcylcles or their car, nope. If the start with "talking about myself is so awkward" nope. Longer you internet date, the more you'll start recognizing your "not worth my times"

  6. I feel for you on the lameness going on in online dating. I tried it last summer and while it was good to get out on a few dates after having been in a relationship for nearly 7 years, the guys were all a piece of work. I had the guy that looked so much better in pictures and then wouldn't shut up the whole night. The guy that got all possessive and irritated if I didn't respond within 2 minutes even after I said I wasn't into him. The guys that would email for weeks and never get the ba11s to ask me out. It was very frustrating. A month later I was with my future husband, no thanks to online dating. He was a former neighbor who I reconnected with, and now a year later we are getting married in 3 weeks and I'm having our first baby. Online dating wasn't for me, but I like to say it led me to the one I am supposed to be with.


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